Shared Parenting Council (SPC) of Connecticut

Helping children and parents have equal time with each other.

Our Mission

The mission of the Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut is to promote equal time shared parenting in custody disputes between two fit parents, based on strong evidence that this is in the best interest of children. We advocate for judicial reform, legislative revision, and engage in public education.


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What the SPC stands for

Shared Parenting:

  • Puts parents on a cooperative rather than divisive playing field, lowering their anxiety and reducing battles centered on manipulating the children’s natural need for and love of their parents.
  • Is the only reasonable starting point for negotiations between two fit parents about parenting time and responsibility. The legal system should encourage both parents to be actively involved in their children’s lives.
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SPC’s Legislative Priorities



  • Every January we sponsor a symposium at Connecticut’s Legislative Office Building (LOB) to so that knowledgeable experts can discuss their research with legislators.
  • We promote legislation to give parents a voice on relevant committees (Parental Education and Child Support Guidelines): no votes without our voice. 
  • We support legislation to establish the presumption of equal parenting responsibility as the starting point for negotiations between two fit parents.

Become a Better Parent

Giving your child the opportunity to have an equal relationship with the other parent makes you a better parent. It shows that you love your child more than dislike your ex-partner. Deal with your anger at the other parent in ways that don’t involve your children:  keep a journal, join online forums, or get help from a mental health provider.