For all the dads not living with their children

For all the dads out there and with credit to author William C. Klatt (live away dads)
And please remember that being a father is not something you are. It is something you do.

A pledge to myself

I will lose a battle to win a “war”
I will focus my efforts inward towards what I can control. Myself
I will look at my behavior more and at others less
I will learn when to push and when to let go
I will remind myself I am in this for the long term
I will not allow my children to hear me speak ill of anyone
I will encourage my children to maintain healthy relationships with all their family members
I will rise above any and all negativity and treat my children’s mother with respect
I will provide for my children and view support payments as one way to do so
I will put my children’s needs ahead of my own
I will understand that it is not “my” time but my children’s time
I am not a victim
I will learn how to express anger and thrive on the energy from the growth beyond it
I will learn how to be comfortable in talking about myself
I will respect the needs and importance of all people
I will tell the stories of my past while embracing the opportunity to rewrite my future

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2 thoughts on “For all the dads not living with their children

  1. Yes the main reason i started save our kids parental alienation foundation in ct. To see my kids everyday for 13 years. Then watch them slowly taught to hate. To see the judges in ct continue to disregard evidence protect the g a l and. Keep my children in a dangerous enviroment. To this day. Is sickening. But i will never give up on my son or daughter even after going on 8 years!

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