False Allegations of Child Abuse Punished in Oregon — by $750 Fine!

Oregon recently passed a law making false allegations a class A crime — but the punishment is $750, and that requires proving “the intent to influence a custody, parenting time, visitation or child support decision (419B.016 Offense of false report of child abuse).”

It is not much, but then again, most states make no effort to punish false allegations.

As a lawyer, Jeanne M. Hannah points out: “These false allegations can not only make the family law case much more difficult and lead to terrible injustice, they can ruin parent-child relationships and change lives forever. I find myself hoping more states will enact such laws and wondering whether the law will make a difference.” Good thinking Jeanne.

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2 thoughts on “False Allegations of Child Abuse Punished in Oregon — by $750 Fine!

  1. Although there is a penalty attached to false abuse claims in Pennsylvania — and although any judge or attorney can tell you that our state is rife with false PFA claims, not one single person in Pennsylvania has ever been fined for this! Without judges with backbone — the law doesn’t matter much.

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