Shared Parenting Council (SPC) of Connecticut

Helping children and parents have equal time with each other.

Our Mission

Equal Access for Parents and Children

Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut (SPC) strives to give children the opportunity to have easy and equal access to their parents during times of divorce or custody issues through public education, judicial reform, and policy initiatives. SPC works with the Connecticut state legislature, the family court system, nonprofit groups, lobbying groups, private organizations, and concerned citizens to promote change in Connecticut’s legal and regulatory system. 


Tues. June 23, 2020 Talk: Creating the Divorce You Desire and Deserve

There is not just one way to go through or get through a divorce. Join us for Sylvia Guinan’s journey and hear her perspective on how to create the divorce you desire.

Join via Zoom on Tuesday, June 23 at 8pm (approx 30 minutes). This presentation will include a question and answer segment. To participate click here:


Tues. June 30, 2020 Talk: Legal Divorce Speak: Understanding Pro-Se, Mediation, Collaboration and Litigation

Attorney Darcy McCallister is a Collaborate Divorce Attorney in Darien, CT. She brings an exceptional background to the divorce process with her training in counseling and managing Rock bands before she headed off to Law School where she found her passion in Family Law.

Join via Zoom (approx 30 minutes). with this link:

This presentation will include a question and answer segment

Become an Better Parent

Giving your child the opportunity to have an equal relationship with the other parent makes you a better parent. It shows that you love your child more than dislike your ex-partner. 

Learn by Doing

Implement New Information

Our website is filled with plenty of information. If you are looking to update your mindset with information that is scientifically supported, please attend our talks, attend our annual seminar, and read the information on this site. You can do things that are better for your children. 

Build a Better Relationship

The implementation of equal parenting time creates a better relationship for your child(ren) and each of their parents, including you. It also creates an improved environment between you and your former spouse/partner.  

Help Your Children Achieve Their Goals

Focus on your children

 fChildren always want a good relationship with their parents. Having less stress in their lives allows children to focus on their studies, hobbies, and creative endeavors. Equal time shared parenting has shown to reduce the stress the reduce the success of children.