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Child Custody During COVID-19: Shared Parenting Zoom Talk with Dr. Martin Kulldorff

Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut presents a talk with Dr. Martin Kulldorff. In this video, Dr. Kulldorff discusses the risk of COVID-19 and how it may affect custody. He indicates that because the mortality rate for children under age 15 was relatively low, there should not be any significant reason to change parenting time. He indicates that the only exception could be if the child lives with older, high-risk, adults.

Dr. Kulldorff addresses a questions about H1N1 and influenza. He also fields comments that indicate that COVID-19 has been used as tactic to limit access to a parent. He also hears comments which indicate that COVID-19 has actually improved the custodial relationship between a parent and his children.

If you are interested in equal time shared parenting, please see: www.sharedparentinginc.org

Introduction and Disclaimer by: John Clapp, Chairman
Host & Moderator: Colleen O’Neil, MSW, M.Ed. https://mediationandbeyond.com
Presentation: Prof. Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D. is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He conducts research on disease outbreaks and vaccines. A summary of his talk is available at https://nationalparentsorganization.org/blog/24598-don-t-limit-child-custody-due-to-covid-19

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