Mission Statement

The mission of the Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut is to promote equal-time, shared parenting in custody disputes between two fit parents, based on strong evidence that this is in the best interest of children. We advocate for judicial reform, legislative revision, and engage in public education.

Judicial Reform

 The Shared Parenting Council of CT (SPC) advocates for judicial reform by encouraging judges to render decisions that provide children with equal time with two fit parents. 

Legislative Revision

 The Shared Parenting Council of CT (SPC) seeks to revise the state laws of Connecticut to reflect that children deserve equal time with both of their fit parents during divorce. Revised legislation would align with other states that updated their statutes. 

Public Education

The Shared Parenting Council of CT (SPC) believes that public education is one of the most important components of the organization. SPC hosts a symposium once a year with the lastest research about how equal-time shared parenting is beneficial to children. Additionally, SPC hosts talks and coaching sessions to provide assistance to parents going through challenging times. 

Board of Directors & Exceptional Members

Board of Directors

Ian Burruss, BA is an entrepreneur and behavioral analyst. He is president and team leader at Advanced Behavioral Care, LLC. He has been working in the field of behavioral psychology for over 12 years.

John M. Clapp, PhD, is Chair of the Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut, incorporated under his guidance in 2002. He has testified on shared parenting issues before the legislature and the judicial branch numerous times over the past 20 years. He has participated in several educational seminars on shared parenting, including the International Conference on Shared Parenting 2017 and the Connecticut Child Support Policy Conference 2014. In 1994 he obtained half time parenting privileges for his two boys, then 8 and 5; parallel parenting worked well for the remainder of their childhoods and he is now the proud grandfather of three. One of his grandkids is benefitting from a successful shared parenting arrangement. He is a Professor at the University of Connecticut where he has taught for over 36 years.

Dr. Eric L. Gladstein, DMD, MAGD, is a practicing dentist, in New Britain, CT, for 35 years.  He is dedicated to providing a wide range of high quality care, including complex reconstructions and cosmetic procedures.  He is President of the New Britain Dental Society, and reviews cases as an expert.  He and his wife have been busy raising their 6 boys.  He has been a strong advocate for shared parenting for almost twenty years based upon the scientifically proven benefits for the children and parents involved in custody situations.

Geoffrey James is an entrepreneur and technology innovator who has launched multiple successful IT companies. He is also a proud father, who at times has had limited access to his children due to unfair family law practices. He advocates for shared parenting as a default in all cases of parental separation.

Jerry Mastrangelo is an entrepreneur who has 40 years of business experience. He serves as Co-Owner, President and CEO of four Planet Fitness franchises – Branford , Guilford, Hamden and East Haven and he co-founded the first World Gym in Connecticut in 1979 at age 20.  He oversees a $5.5 million annual budget and manages 80 employees servicing more than 30,000 Planet Fitness members. Jerry gives back to the community in many ways including Planet Fitness Donation drives for the United Way, “Toys for Tots” and “Stuff a Bus.” Jerry was instrumental in passing Substitute Senate Bill No. 494, Public Act No. 14-3 in 2014, working closely with legislators on both sides of the aisle. This law, “An act concerning Guardians ad Litem and Attorneys for Minor Children in Family Relations Matters,” now clearly defines the role of Guardians ad Litem and Attorneys for Minor Children when representing the best interests of children.

Colleen O’Neil, MSW, M.Ed  brings noteworthy credentials and a tenured skill set to those dealing with divorce or other legal matters. As a licensed educator, therapist, mediator and transformational life coach, she collaborates with attorneys to successfully implement solutions for difficult post-divorce issues, often by providing parenting plans and coaching. She is recognized for being a compassionate and insightful pro with an uncanny ability to create the space necessary for individuals to open up, trust and to confide in her. Colleen has worked for the Cambridge, MA District Attorney’s office gathering information for homicide, rape, child abuse and domestic violence cases. She later applied this experience to training and empowering law enforcement professionals with the skill set necessary to help victims of these violent crimes. After the District Attorney’s office, Colleen became a Connecticut licensed educator in urban/suburban communities. Colleen went on to attend Columbia University where she earned her master’s degree in social work that led to opening a private practice in Westport, CT where she works as a Family/Divorce Mediator.

Jennifer Verraneault is an advocate for recognizing parental alienation as child abuse. Her experience with the shared parenting movement includes active year-long service on Connecticut’s Task Force to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care and Custody of Minor Children. She advocated for legislation surrounding Connecticut’s Guardians ad Litems. Following many meetings in Hartford with legislators and others, Jennifer’s hard work paid off. On May 8, 2014, Governor Malloy signed Substitute Senate Bill No. 494, Public Act No. 14-3: An act concerning Guardians ad Litem and Attorneys for Minor Children in Family Relations Matters. This important bill now clearly defines the role of Guardians ad Litem and Attorneys for Minor Children when representing the best interests of children. She has years of experience with mediation of family disputes.

*There are various other members of the board that have chosen to remain anonymous.

Exceptionally Influential Members

Maureen Martowska is a retired corporate attorney, a current member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, a current member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI ), a current Advisory Board member on Brandeis University’s  Lurie Institute for Disability Policy /Heller School for Social Policy and Management Parent Empowerment Project Advisory Group ( a collaborative research and advocacy project to inform policy,  practice, and advocacy for families with disabililties), a former licensed secondary education teacher, a former technical writer on classified government subcontracts, a former certified mediator, and a former SHINE (Serving Health Information Needs of the Elderly) counselor certified by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs in Boston advocating for the elderly and disabled.  Ms. Martowska  has been a strong advocate for parenting support programs in the communities and the courts to ensure accessibility and equality for  the disabled and strongly supports shared parenting.

Hector Morera is a Structural Engineer from NYC who has lived in Glastonbury, CT for the past 10 years. Over the past 20 years, Hector has volunteered for numerous children’s causes, primarily those that support educational opportunities for children outside of the normal school.  Since 2013, Hector, as part of a larger group of parents, has worked directly with members of the Judicial Branch and the Connecticut General Assembly to address parent concerns with issues through rule and legislative reform.