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Why Shared Parenting? A Few Facts About Kids of Divorce and Separation. Teen violence and eventual incarceration is strongly related to father absence. See Shared Parenting Research. Consider how you would feel as an adult if you could see your children only four days a month. More than likely you would miss them terribly. Children, with their fragile, still-developing emotions, often suffer much more. Sadly though, most children of divorce see their non-custodial parent only four days a month, and many see them even less. Research on divorce shows that children with shared parenting do better in school and have lower rates of depression, delinquency, and other undesirable outcomes.

Why Contribute to the SPC? The SPC, formed in 1997 and incorporated in 2002, lobbies the CT legislature, sends letters, meets with legislators and testifies on proposed bills.  We publish letters and articles related to shared parenting. We do interviews with the press. We maintain and develop our website and we are currently researching our extensive database on CT divorce cases. As a member you will receive regular updates on our activities, invitations to attend meetings and a newsletter. Most importantly, you will know that 100% of your donation contributes to improved outcomes for children.

Divorce or separation does not end a child’s need for a father and a mother.

3 thoughts on “Join SPC now!

  1. Dear John Clapp,

    We met a couple of years ago at the Hartford Superior Court, and I know you have had a couple of meetings with my husband, Peter Szymonik. I was also present during the Task Force in Spring 2014 to reform the Judicial system to accommodate shared parenting. I want to be more involved, and I was wondering if there is an open space with your board of directors?

    I recently published a book on my Connecticut Family Court experience with losing custody of my son. My book is entitled, “Broken System, Broken Heart” and is available on Amazon and also on my personal website.

    In short, my mission from day one was to have a “shared parenting” plan for my preschool aged son, who has autism. For seven years, my proposal to the court has been routinely rejected because of the anger of my ex towards me. The court cited for years that until my ex can feel more comfortable with it, it won’t happen. We are both fit parents. A shared parenting law would prevent my constitutionally-protected fundamental rights to a parent/child relationship from being stripped away, and give my son the best chances, being a special needs child.

    As I said, I want to be more involved since I won’t be pursuing justice in the family court anymore, once my December 2016 trial is complete. This is for personal reasons. I want to shift my energy to a legislative/advocacy position, and be done with the Superior Court (I will be appealing the memorandum when it comes out, if my parental rights are again frustrated).

    If you have no openings at this time, can you tell me the benefits to membership?

    I saw you were featured in the NPO’s website. I met Ned Holstein at the Divorce Corp. conference in 2014. That was an amazing experience!

    Monica Szymonik (formerly Peters)

  2. Please add me to your mailing list. I need help with a very severe divoce case in New haven
    parental alienation, false allegations and judge stonewalling
    please help

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