Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut presents a talk with Dr. Norman Klein. In this video, he defines the role of a forensic psychologist and recommends never going to court unless you have to. He mentions methods of getting divorced, issues regarding “best interest of the child” standard, strategies which utilize custody as adversarial tool, and child custody evaluations.

Dr. Klein goes into detail in how a forensic psychologist is utilized by the court to understand the “best interest of the child.” He explains the different types of custody arrangements: sole, joint, divided, and split. During the question and answer period, Dr. Klein is asked if equal time parenting is a good starting approach, how false accusations are addressed, and why doesn’t the court recognize when its being used as an antagonist.

Note: This video contains brief adult language.

If you are interested in equal time shared parenting, please see:

Introduction and Disclaimer by: John Clapp, Chairman
Host & Moderator: Colleen O’Neil, MSW, M.Ed.
Presentation: Norman Klein, Ph. D.