What impact has your dad had on your life? – Click here to leave comment.

A short, inspiring video ends with “The impact my dad had on my life– phenomenal. Thats a dad, thats a dad.” Another comment: “I miss my dad.” What impact has your dad had on your life?

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2 thoughts on “What impact has your dad had on your life? – Click here to leave comment.

  1. I found the Being a Dad video to be a very touching. I haven’t been to that web site in quite awhile, so I wasn’t aware that video was there. However, I’ve got 4 of their “Evolution of Dad” T-shirts, so I wear one of them reasonably often. In fact, I happen to be wearing one right now. My wife and I just got back from visiting her family in New Hampshire, where I got quite a range of looks from people, when I wore my T-shirt out to dinner. Hard to be sure whether some are reacting more to the alien concept of Dad as a full parent or the alien concept of evolution, up in that part of the country.

  2. Hate to make this observation, but the judges do not recognize this change of active and consistent involvement of both parents as an element of best interest of the child. Either Tom, Annie and Themis missed this point or the judiciary just ignored the new law. The law was effective October 2005, but was lost on the judges and cour officials in my case in in May 2006. They had no idea that active/consistent is now part of best interest nor does any one seem to notice. The concept of judicial dictatorship, unfounded discretion and continued bias of the Family Court is unchanged. There is no case law that upholds the matter, it is simply ignored. Looks like the engraved clocks were unwarranted.


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