Maureen Martowska, JD, has this to say in her response to Forbes Magazine editor.

Response to Forbes Editor re PA Article of 3.29.21

“1) These high conflict cases MUST have IMMEDIATE intervention to resolve these
cases more expeditiously. Both types of cases often go on for years.
2) These cases demand better educated and trained judges, court personnel,
family l aw practitioners, GALs, evaluators, and behavioral health professionals,
including perhaps certification to assure quality educators who are well trained,
educated, and recognized amongst their peers as leaders in the field. This training
must be ongoing with core competencies defined, curriculums articulated, and
testing implemented.
3) Perjury must be dealt with swiftly and enforced with consequences that will
sufficiently disincentivize bad actors.
4) Children involved in either camp are significantly harmed long term.”

She presents persuasive evidence for these points in her article.