Testimony in Hartford supports presumed shared parenting – click for shared parenting plans

Over 50 people attended a hearing of Connecticut’s Custody Task Force at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Thursday, January 9, 2014.
Almost all spoke in favor of the presumption of shared parenting as a starting point. If shared parenting were presumed by the court, then parents would realize that they are wasting their time and money when they fight for control and time. Of course, shared parenting would be subject to review if there is substantial evidence of abuse or neglect,
The crowd enthusiastically supported many speakers who testified about excessive legal costs associated with custody issues. Several talked about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal costs.
Would you like a model plan for shared parenting? It gives details of shared parenting time and decision making responsibility. Just leave a comment below specifying your interest.

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2 thoughts on “Testimony in Hartford supports presumed shared parenting – click for shared parenting plans

  1. AT all costs the 2 chairs (Cousineau and Dornfeld) of this Child Custody task force should have never been in these respective seats, as they are 2 of the worst GAL’s in the state of CT. I can speak personally about Atty. Susan Fillmore Cousineau who was my child’s GAL in 2007-2009 and probably still does damage behind the scenes as she is sneaky as they come. I have heard many stories about Dornfeld from the ones who have her in their cases. My child (I agree) stated that not ever once did this GAL do anything in the best interest for him. She aided and abetts DCF into kidnapping children; aids or abets is what most of the social workers and GAL’s are doing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aiding_and_abetting I work like to see the kids given back to innocent parents and the Family Court system shut down and set up where there is no making racket going on. There is a new string of young GAL’s who are not lawyers joining the forces and ranks int he courts to solve the problems brought into Family Court as I say no more lawyers to do the job. Courts. Sometimes they work to criminalize parents when they are standing up for their Parental Rights as I am. I can send you more information concerning this Public Hearing and the meeting are still going on at the LOB you can attend: email me if you are a victim of Family, Juvenile or support at ctparents@gmail.com

  2. There were well over 50 people in attendance, in fact 59 people spoke and about 20 more were signed up but had to leave given the length of the 14+ hour hearing which went well past midnight. The video of the public testimony (all 14+ hours worth) was filmed by CT-N and in just 10 days time is already the 2nd most watched video they have filmed in the last 6 months (possibly even longer).

    You can see detailed summary of each speaker with links to relevant sites and the video testimony at the CT Family Court web site.


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