Strategies for Shared Parenting

Excerpts from: Your Divorce Advisor
by Diana Mercer and Marsha Kline Pruett (Simon and Schuster, 2001).

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Strategies for Shared Parenting
p. 204: Develop a joint plan for resolving conflicts – make compromises, and above all else, keep your kids out of the middle of your arguments. Support each other’s privacy – what goes on in the other house is none of your business unless it endangers your child.
Respect the other parent – talk civilly, use common courtesies, help your children appreciate and recognize the other parent’s efforts to be close to them. Communicate regularly with the other parent – use notes, e-mail, and faxes as well as phone calls.
Do your share of parenting and be clear about what you need and expect from the other parent in order to co-parent smoothly.

More than eight specific elements of a shared parenting plan are discussed on pages 217-220