Tauck Vs Tauck : Conflict Vs Co-Parenting

Why is Connecticut home to so many high conflict divorce cases?On September 24, 2007, Superior Court Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone rendered a decision in the case of Tauck vs. Tauck. Her job was not easy: the case took 86 days in trial at an estimated cost to the Taucks of $13 million. It involved unsubstantiated allegations of child molestation and more substantial evidence of alcohol abuse. After the trial phase ended on June 25, over 40 motions were filed, at which time, the Judge told the lawyers for both sides: “I can’t write a decision until you all stop filing motions.”

The SPC has downloaded and analyzed data from the judicial website showing that over 25% of the divorce cases in CT are high conflict, taking years and involving many motions. CT fosters an atmosphere of “winner take all.”

Solution: Educate Judges about the provisions of PA 05-258 that encourage shared parenting. Judges need to ask each parent: “What have you done to encourage active involvement by the other parent?” Reward the parent that understands that the best parent is both parents. You will find that the burden of high conflict cases in the family court system will diminish enormously because you have eliminated the winner take all mentality now prevalent in Connecticut. Judge Abery-Wetstone spoke the truth about shared parenting: “Mr. and Mrs. Tauck, it is going to be extraordinarily difficult for the two of you to walk out of this courtroom after all this time and effectively parent your children. I want you both to remember that children have two parents and need two parents. It takes two parents to raise a child.”

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