Links to Important Shared Parenting Websites

Massachusetts has an active, well organized group advocating for shared parenting: Fathers and Families.

Here is a personal testimonial, Father without Christmas.

Divorce or separation does not end a child’s need for a father and a mother.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Between your organization, CAPRA and the National Parent’s Organization, no wonder no movemnet has occurred on the shared parenting front. I have emailed and will do so for a 2nd time. I stopped trying to communicate with NPO and CAPRA…I am beginning something that you should know about regarding the violation of the Constitutional Rights of both children and parents in CT Family courts. Hope to here from someone here this time. I have already spoken to Legislators and Judiciary/Lawyers regarding taking action.

  2. I need seriously help I don’t have the money to fight my ex-husband I don’t see my children unless I can’t afford an attorney need help really bad Johanna

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