Legislative Action

In all years we monitor pending legislation so that we can influence any action related to shared parenting or the presumption of substantially equal time. We are always advocating for active involvement of both parents.

The highlight of 2010 is our TV program on 12/09/10: Street Talk with Fr. Russ Carmichael.

In 2009, we increased our reach by developing an OnLine discussion Forum. We will also develop our lawyer rating service. This service uses our unique DataBase of information on the number of motion filed by Connecticut lawyers and on the success rate (%affirmed and % denied ).

2008, we used the Web Site. Email and Mail to spread the message from our testimony at the Public Hearing. The courts routinely and unnecessary eliminate completely fit parents. Judges need to ask each parent “what have you done to encourage active involvement of the other parent”. For the detail of the testimony, click Patterson and Clapp.

2007, we fought for the presumption of substantially equal joint decision making and parenting time . See SB 1120 . Here is a summary of SB1120 with SPC’s recommendations for changing the language so as to encourage active involvement by both parents.

2006, a new relocation law takes effect (October 1, PA06-168) shifting the burden of proof when one parent wants to relocate with the minor children. Under the new law, the relocating parent must consider the effect that relocation will have on the Parental Responsibility Plan and on the relationship of the children with the other parent.

2005, a law (PA05-258) redefines the best interests of the child to include active involvement of both parents. The law outlines six requirements for Parental Responsibility Plans to govern the physical companionship and decision making authority of parents.

Two people who helped make this law a reality won awards from the Shared Parenting Council.

Rep. Themis Klarides

Mr. Thomas Foley