CT 2002 Law Requiring Payment for College

Will Divorced Parents have any Money Left for College?In July, 2002, Public Act 02-128, an Act concerning Educational Support Orders, was signed into law in Connecticut. The Court may require a parent to pay for any necessary educational expense at a college or vocational school, including room, board, dues, tuition, fees, registration and application costs. Such expenses shall not be more than the amount charged by The University of Connecticut for a full-time in-state student. But, the decision about Educational Support Orders must be made at the time of dissolution; often, this is 10 to 17 years before the child would attend College.By raising the stakes in divorce battles, this bill continues the escalation of legal violence that has been terribly detrimental to the children of divorce. The Act intensifies the battle over custody and support at the time when the parties most need to work together to raise their young children. Thus, Connecticut has taken another step that enriches divorce lawyers and impoverishes the children of divorce.For more information about educational support orders, go to: Facts Supports Orders.

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  1. i do not think the courts should force one or both parents into paying for college when it causes living hell for a persons ends to meet . we went from the man supporting the entire family in the sixties to the entire family working and still failing short. out of control health care expenses rise of insurance and cost of living 12 years of payment to get two children a masters degree is a prison sentence for most it should end at aid your child if you can.your child would be lucky if a job is ever found 10 years later. .the state of ct. cant pay there bills but come up short! and we loose our jobs as a result. how about we order you to pay for our children e.d.u. .ct. its time for the public to review your books to see were are money is going children should leave public schools job ready.if college is not an option the state should pay you have lotto one winning ticket would run a college forever were are the 90 million dollar winners? none just 90 million dollar loosers.

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