Hear Legislators Speak about Shared Parenting, Fri. Jan 24, Hartford, CT

A symposium entitled Reducing Parental Conflict and Risk of Harm to Children will take place at the CT Legislative Office building on Friday January 24, 1-4pm, room 1C.  Please pass this information to others interested in shared parenting.

Our two keynote speakers, professor Emily Douglas at Worcester Polytechnical Institute and professor Martin Kulldorff at Harvard Medical School, will address scientific evidence on shared parenting, domestic violence and risk of harm to children.

One of the nation’s leading experts on domestic violence, Dr. Emily Douglas is professor and chair of the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies at Worcester Polytechnic. In 2016-2017 she was a Congressional fellow in Washington, D.C., dually sponsored by the Society for Research in Child Development and the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology. She will talk about risk factors for child abuse and filicide.

An epidemiological methods developer, Dr. Martin Kulldorff is a statistician and professor of medicine at Harvard University. He will give an overview of the scientific evidence on the impact on children of shared parenting and other custody arrangements.

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7 thoughts on “Hear Legislators Speak about Shared Parenting, Fri. Jan 24, Hartford, CT

  1. Shared Parenting needs to be just that! Equal time for a child to be with both parents. If one parent goes the mile to prevent that it’s Parental Alienation. Children need both parents and if that one parent is not following laws, parenting plans and continues to be in contempt there need to be hefty punishments. If a father doesn’t pay child support he gets put in jail. So why doesn’t a mom get put in jail when she’s preventing a father from their child. Mothers are selfish, spiteful, vindictive and manipulative in this state. The family court MUST STEP UP
    in 2020 and stop the corruption.

  2. I have been fighting for shared parenting of my daughter for 7 years. I only see her 25% of the time.CT courts do nothing to help fathers.

  3. It is pathetic that the state of Connecticut does not provide fathers with the same rights as mothers. A father who pays child support, pays for child’s activities, and goes above and beyond and caring for his child should have the same amount of physical custody as the mother. Particularly if a child expresses her desire to spend more time with her father. The courts seem to only consider the mothers rights and they are granted automatically and a father hast to fight for everything. There are deadbeat dads out there but they were also deadbeat moms whose sole effort is to alienate their child from their father

  4. Hi. Is there any pro shared parents or professionals speaking at this event?? I have not heard about any of these speakers and I would hate for it to be a total bash against the push for national shared parenting and children to have a relationship with both good parents. please let me know before the 24th. Ken k save our kids parental alienation foundation tolland ct

  5. Judges need to listen more & rely on the proof that’s presented to them. Not the lies & manipulations that have nothing to back them up. It is disgusting what goes on in our family court system!!

  6. Florida needs shared parenting. I’m a R.N and the judge here gave my 5 yo son to a 9 time felon because he had a lawyer. He is 9 now and I have to pay 50 bucks an hour to see my own kid. I don’t have any DCF reports. My ex has plenty for beating me up and my older son. Corruption and a good ole boy system.

  7. I’m a mother who, from the minute I set my toe in the CT courthouse, made it known that I expected shared parenting at the onset. 10 years, scores of motions and a petition to the Supreme Court and I see my son less than 20% of the time. This is not a gender issue. I will attend this conference, but will be disappointed if this is more “evidence” to show how unequal access to both fit parents is “not in the best interest of children” and I encourage all of you to submit letters and calls to the legislators who will be present, that you would love to have some input from the public.

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