3 thoughts on “Discuss Shared Parenting, Domestic Violence and the Marriage Story, Fri. Jan. 24, 2020 at the LOB in Hartford

  1. It’s unfortunate that this panel doesn’t have any parents on it, who have direct knowledge of the issues in family court. I know John is a parent but I believe it wasn’t his parental status that allowed this. I’m glad there will be audience input though

  2. I commend the good wffort put forth, however, we must address the esscence of the problem. The broken legal system in the state of CT. Needs to change. Corrupt Guardien at listen who takes sides for the sake of their pockets must be stopped. Many defendants are afraid to speak out for the fear of losing their children unjustly !
    There is no reason for a mother to lose her child due to simple vengeance of a GAL. Sometimes go-parenting is not possible in some situations of high conflict custody battles. the courts should in these cases award one parent custody the parent who provides the most care to that child). It is very sixkening to see this broken system only hurt the children involved. As a victim of such system, I would like to see REFORM to the judicial procedures instead of simply trying to force 2 parents to get along unssucceasfulky, which causes more issues and more money down the attorney’s pockets. corrupt attorneys + corrupt court expert witnesses does no good for a child torn between.
    Liberal status does not mean allow father’s rights attorney to take advantage of poor mothers who wish no more than tobraise their children. It’s time to have justice in our judicial system !!!!

  3. Parental alienation is my everyday life. I am the custodial mother and have physical custody of my daughter but still it continues to happen to me. My daughter who was once confident and out going is ridden with anxiety and completely brainwashed by her father and his wife. His wife came into our lives, welcomed with open arms and still never showed an ounce of respect for the child and the 2 families she was the heart and center of.. Since our daughter was 4 this has begun. She is 8 now. The damage that has been done is devastating. Even my my 3 year old, her half sister is not off limits when it comes to alienating. Ive hired lawyers therapist family relations Guardian ad litems high conflict intensive case programs you name it we did it. Even false allegations were made to dcf this past summer from my ex and when they found out the accusations were false i begged them to help my daughter and at least recommend therapy or look into my concerns but nope im told “their hands are tied” . not one person has helped me. The judge tells me “boundaries need to be set or im not a therapist”. Everyone has said that, thats never going to do anything to make my ex follow any rule when it comes to custody and parenting. my ex partes have been denied and it was only our recent court date that i finally got somewhere and did it myself against my ex and his lawyer but still that didnt stop him threatening me and harassing me of i dont follow his rules hell take me to court. The therapist all tell me to go to court and the judge says go to therapy. Hes had her records sent over and filled out paper work to have her transfered to the school in his town.(i have physical custody) He goes out of his way to lie and manipulate any situation just to take our daughter from me and bring her to his wife while he works. He constantly harassing and threatening me, hes constantly taking me to court. I dont even ask my daughter “how was your weekend”. I know i wont get an answer or the truth. Its terrible and so sad. I have not stayed silent in my fight yet my voice has been silenced. My exes lawyer is his wifes uncle, in fact my daughter even calls him “uncle j” (not real name). You dont even undertsand how unique and detailed my case is. It has even affected my husbands exes and co parenting with them. my ex never set boundaries with his wife and she never respected any of us from the start. She alienated my ex from his own mother, who hes gone almost 3 years not speaking to. He once used her as a crutch to help him through the first years of parenting. Our daughter is named after her and my ex and our daughter went from seeing her everyday to completely cutting her out. After 2 years of our daughter having no contact. I was able to finally make it so my daughter sees her fathers family on my time. My daughter echos her fathers words, shes been made into a foot solider going back and forth between our homes. He makes her into a messenger and a liar. And worst, hes gone out of his way and successfully has kept her from therapy, even going as far as filing fraud charges on me and calling up the insurance company and telling them that i do not have his permission to use my daughters insurance for her. He bad mouths me to everyone and his lawyer helps him. Theyve sent letters to school claiming i dont have custody when i do, ive been confronted by his neighbor accusing me of being a “dead beat mom” while i wait outside of my exes condo with my younger daughter. I have years and years of journals, ive created timelines and brought them to court as evidence, my ex has even sat in front of every single individual that has tried helping us and admitted his wifes was the problem, and still that hasnt helped my daughter. Its an odd situation to be in, if my ex had any kind of back bone simple boundaries would have stopped this. Before he met his wife he was the greatest dad and happiest out going guy, even my husband speaks highly of him (prior to marrying) but now to continue even now with the escalating behavior, he knows the damge he is causing to our daughter but once hes out of the comfort of a therapist office, it all changes. Theres no one for me to even ask help from anymore. Ive sent any and everyone emails after emails begging for help. The GAL that was on our case never even made a recommendation and never helped at all but gave us a bill for over 5k, and i still owe him money and i even tried telling him if he helps me ill pay off my bill and my exes, and still nothing. If anyone reading this knows someone who can help me please let me know. Im not going to stop fighting against alienation, i want to do and willing to do whatever i can. I have never even spoken an ill word towards my ex, we.once co parented with ease ! Now hes going to whatever length to remove and replace me. My daughter’s 8 now, ive read in several different parental alienation articles that once they hit the age of 10 reversing the effects become more difficult.

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