Connecticut Child Custody Decisions Flawed? (Click Here to leave a comment)

Men and women who want to be actively involved with their children report several major issues with Connecticut family court:
1. visitation interference;
2. the use of fraudulent restraining orders as a tool to separate one parent from their children;
3. unrealistic child support orders;
4. parental alienation or actions “splitting” the other parent from their children.
What are your experiences with Connecticut Child Custody decisions?

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7 thoughts on “Connecticut Child Custody Decisions Flawed? (Click Here to leave a comment)

  1. The courts should give incentives and enforce custody orders in a way that rewards the parent that encourages active involvement with the children by the other parent.

  2. Absolutely! There should be no rewards or incentives in undermining the other parent and there should be rewards and even an “hands-off” approach by the courts when the parents are able to work together and encourage each other in the most important job they will ever do.

  3. False allegations of domestic abuse especially those that thrust someone into the criminal justice system and ruin their reputation and career with the intention of getting custody of a child should be investigated and if indeed the accusations are proven to be found fraudulent the parent who makes the false allegations should be prosecuted. The penalties should be very severe to stop this common practice most if not exclusively by women of ruining a person’s life with lies. It is so easy for a woman to accuse a man of domestic violence then see the man thrown out of his own house, alienated from his children, forced to spend massive amounts of money on attorney’s, and have his good name and reputation ruined. This has to stop. We are guilty until proven innocent.

  4. I am currently in the eye of the alienating hurricane. I wasn’t aware of parental alienation during my sons early years. Thats when his Mom was using him as a weapon to get me to adhere to her wants. When she left my house and married a Korean American, for her papers as she was colombian. I could not marry her because she was so selfish and controling. Unfortunately when I broke it off she discovered she was pregnant a week later. Yes, he’s mine. It was great while they still lived in my Town. They moved to the next Town over I believe on porpose. A year later they moved 10 miles away. A short time later 18 miles away and bought a house. They have cars, good jobs and a house. With each move she began disrupting my visitation, planning events on my days for visitation. Just making it harder and harder for me. Even not allowing me to come a bit earlier on a Friday to avoid rush hour traffic. My son was calling me joe instead of Dad. His affection was beginning to disappear. About 15 months ago she accused me with sexual abuse and Police along with DCF investigated. This was so embarrassing especially because the Police were my fellow partners being I had retired about that time after 23 years. The case was unsubstantiated. The next 12 months she accused me of five more complaints. All unfounded by DCF/ Police. A parent study and GAL were assigned by a judge when I claimed she wasalienating my son from me. The court counselors did nothing! The study was five months until the hearing and outcome. I wasn’t even interviewed. The GAL was worthless and did not even talk with me. Nobody really cared when I actually cried defending myself from her lies. My son was interviewed, but all the questions were of did I do anything bad to him. The court study said for me to get a mental/ drug evaluation. Plus I have to get permission from my sons theropist to visit him. I git all that was requested done and I still am being denied visitation by his Mom . I can’t take it anymore and feel like giving up and moving!

  5. My husband has faced 1, 3, and 4.
    But even more so, here’s an issue that should be considered. I understand case load is quite extensive and the judges review and see thousands of cases a year, but there should be better follow up. Either a judge needs to follow a case all the way through… or there needs to be better investigation in the case load before the following day.
    Honestly, how does on Judge 1 place warrants out for parent a and grant custody to parent b but then a year later, parent a waltz into the court room, gets a court date, goes before Judge 2 and has warrants dropped and is granted termination of parent b’s rights?

    Parent B is still waiting on parent a to be picked up on warrants and minor child returned to his care…. He wasn’t served proper paperwork because he lives out of state and is none the wiser about the court date even.

    This is an entire disgrace. It’s complete miscommunication at the very least. I’d like to think that it has nothing to do with corrupt judgements, friends helping friends and what not, because I still want so badly to believe in our justice system, but at the very least it’s carelessness. It’s not following up on cases before hearing them. It’s not looking into prior decisions or talking with the judge that made those decisions and why to understand a case and where it is actually at in the decision process which is vital to both parents and child(ren).

    Another issues- serving out of state residence. There needs to be something better in place to ensure papers are served. Especially wherein one of the parties has never been a resident of the state.

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