Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut presents a talk with Colleen O’Neil MSW, M.Ed. In this video, Colleen starts by expressing that all parenting plans are not created equal and that the plan should be made by the parents, not a family court judge. She expresses that equal time parenting is a good starting point if the best interest of the child is considered. She says that parenting plans should adjust based on the age and development of the child/children.

Colleen indicates that there are approximately 25 different types of parenting plans and that it is best if both parents come together to create a custom plan that is best best for the child. She indicates that even though the parents are divorcing, they are not divorcing their chidden. It is therefore important to discuss extracurricular activities, school schedules, holidays, daily contact etc.

Colleen discourages any aspect of parental alienation because of the trauma that it creates for the child. She indicates that children do best when they have good relationships with both parents, and that both mothers and fathers have unique important roles.

Colleen encourages couples to utilize a third party (divorce coach / parenting coordinator) to iron out any issues in the parenting plans that were not obvious when it was first written.

Host/Moderator: John Clapp Ph.D., Chairman of Shared Parenting Council of CT.

Presenter: Colleen O’Neil MSW, M.Ed. Colleen is a trained mediator, therapist, educator, social worker, and divorce coach. She has successfully implemented solutions for divorce mediations and difficult post-divorce issues, most recently through her private practice, Mediation and Beyond in Westport, CT.

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