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The mission of the Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut (SPC) is to obtain the presumption of equal parenting opportunities before the law regardless of gender. The SPC is working to change the judicial system so as to better serve children.The SPC works with state legislature, nonprofit groups and lobbying groups to promote change in Connecticut’s legal and regulatory framework. The SPC seeks a framework that promotes active involvement of both parents in the lives of their children. The State cannot guarantee that parents will make the right decisions for their children, but it can provide incentives to encourage this.Specifically, SPC seeks “PRESUMED JOINT PHYSICAL CUSTODY.” The custody laws in Connecticut should be oriented around the need to promote frequent and continue contacts between children and their mother and father. Model legislation, currently laws in Florida and Texas, is needed in Connecticut.
Children Naturally Love and Need Both Parents.

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  1. Good afternoon. I believe I may have seen a billboard that was promoting presumption of equal parenting. I’ve worked the past twelve years with iHeartMedia and our major iHeartradio stations like Country 92.5, River 105.9, ESPN Radio and KC 101 to name a few. I’m also a divorced father fortunate enough to have equal custody and I understand firsthand the importance of the issue for which you advocate. I’d like to meet with your marketing person to gain more insight into specific campaign goals and share with you some ideas of how I can help you heighten awareness of your cause with on-air, online and grass roots marketing. My phone number is 860-882-9366. I’d welcome a phone call or email. Thanks, Skip Collins

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